Undeniably Dairy

For the Love of Dairy! Get dairy products you love from the families who love producing them. From Undeniably Dairy: Your Local Farm Families.

Meet Some Farmers
What is your favorite part of the job?
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Meet Stacy

4th Generation Dairy Farmer

"My main role on the farm is feeding the cows every day, twice a day. Their diets are formulated by dairy nutritionists, so I know we are feeding them all the right nutrients to be able to make the best milk. My favorite part is when they come up to the bunk to eat and they look so happy digging into their feed and chowing down. "

Meet Courtney

3rd Generation Dairy Farmer 

"I am responsible for milking the cattle twice a day. Being a farmer, each day is different which makes it hard to have a favorite part. I love watching our cows grow and produce high-quality dairy products. Caring for our livestock is and has been a foundation on our farm. I love being able to work alongside my family and continuing the farm for future generations"

Find Out How Dairy Can Help Make a Difference in Your Health and Your Community!
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Cheesy Gnocchi Bake

Indulge in dairy with this very simple, easy-to-make, Cheesy Gnocchi Bake! Make sure to utilize 2x Bonus Points on Essential Everyday Cheese Shreds and 3x Bonus Points on Essential Everyday Heavy Whipping Cream. 

Try it now!
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Meet Angie

Think you have nothing in common with today’s dairy farmers? Think again. These hard-working families prioritize their communities, their animals, and the environment—just like you do.

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