Undeniably Dairy

Spread a little more love in your community by purchasing dairy sourced from your local dairy farmers.

Dairy and Sustainability
Think you have nothing in common with today’s dairy farmers? Think again. These hard-working families prioritize their communities, their animals, and the environment—just like you do.
Going green is dairy’s thing! See how America’s dairy farmers are committed to reducing their impact. You value sustainability, and dairy does too
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Grilled Salmon with Gruyere Creamed Spinach
Looking for a simple, nourishing meal your family will enjoy? Try Honest Grub Honest Foodie’s grilled salmon with gruyere creamed spinach.
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Cow Care
How do dairy cows stay so moo-velous? See the surprising ways farmers keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. You care for animals, and dairy does too.
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Dairy is more than farm-to-table. It’s family-to-family. Angie, a local dairy farmer, explains how important a farm can be to the community!
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