Chicken Grilling Greats

Everyone enjoys grilled chicken in the summer! Check out these great grilling cuts from family-owned chicken supplier Bell & Evans, available exclusively at Dierbergs.

Quality Chicken for Your Grill and Family
100% of Bell & Evans chicken is premium quality and raised without antibiotics. It’s also available in organic. Their superior standards deliver the best flavor, texture and presentation of any chicken.
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Soy Sauce Marinated Half Chicken
Chicken halves are a hearty individual serving without having to cut a whole bird. They are easier to season and manage on the grill, and they cook faster and more evenly than a whole bird.
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South Carolina Mustard BBQ Chicken Legs
Whole chicken legs are tender, juicy and full of flavor. They are also one of the most affordable cuts of chicken, making them a great option for large gatherings.
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Raspberry BBQ Drumstick Lollipops
Drumsticks are all the rave these days, especially when you “lollipop” them for an excellent and fun presentation.
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Tell Me More About the Tray!
The rigid design of Bell & Evans packaging makes it an excellent marinating tray. Simply pull back the top film, add in your favorite brine, spices or sauce, and then pull the film back over to cover until ready to cook. No extra dishes or mess!
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