Cranberry Lime Sparklers

Cranberry Lime Sparklers


4 cups (½ of 64-ounce bottle) cranberry juice cocktail with lime (Ocean Spray), chilled
½ to 1 cup raspberry liqueur (Chambord) or vodka
1 bottle (1 liter) lime sparkling water, chilled
Fresh cranberries
Lime slices


In tall glass pitcher, stir together juice and liqueur until well mixed.

Add sparkling water; stir gently to combine.

Pour into ice-filled glasses. Garnish each glass with skewered cranberries and lime.


For a family-friendly punch, omit raspberry liqueur. Combine remaining ingredients in a punch bowl and float fresh cranberries and thin lime slices for splash of color.

Servings: 8
Serving Size: Nutrition not available.

Per Serving