Medsync [Background photo: Line of pill bottles from Dierbergs Pharmacy.]

Simple. Convenient. FREE.

Pick up all of your prescriptions on the same day each month. Never worry about refilling your prescriptions or running out of important medications.

Three Easy Steps:


  1. Pick A Date: Enroll in less than 5 minutes with your Dierbergs pharmacist.
  2. Ready Notification: We will let your know when your prescriptions have been filled and are ready for pick up.
  3. Free Consultation: Ability to discuss any questions, problems, or concerns you may have about your health medications. We are here to help you.

Synchronizing Benefits:
  • Convenience: Pick up your prescriptions on a date you choose!
  • Reminders: We’ll call or text you to pick up your prescriptions.
  • Familiarity: Build a better, stronger, relationship with your Dierbergs pharmacist.
  • Knowledge: Gain better understanding of the impact your medications have on your health.

To coordinate your prescriptions to be ready on the same day each month, simply talk to your Dierbergs Pharmacist and enroll today!