Flu Shots Now Available

Vaccinations aid in flu prevention, and with flu shots covered by most insurance plans, your copay could be $0. Find out more and get tips on staying healthy.

$4 & $10 Generics and $4 Prenatal Vitamins

Save with more than 300 generic prescriptions every day at Diebergs, including 30-day supplies of select prescription prenatal vitamins.

Convenient Immunizations

Our pharmacists are certified to provide fast and convenient immunizations at the pharmacy without an appointment!

Automated Refills

Have your monthly prescriptions refilled automatically and receive a phone call when they are ready for pick up from your pharmacy.

Touch-Tone Refills

Refill your prescriptions with ease simply by using the keypad on your phone. Call your pharmacy and follow the prompts. Our pharmacy will take care of the rest!

Preferred Drug Plans

We can fill for all plans, but will have the lowest retail copay for these preferred plans in 2019, including Aetna.