Bob's BBQ Gourmet Sliders

Bob's BBQ Gourmet Sliders

Our fresh applewood-smoked meats in our zesty Honey BBQ Sauce on premium Egg Brioche buns make the perfect party sandwich.

Available in 6 ct. or 12 ct.

Please Note: The pretzel buns shown in photo are currently not available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All Ready-To-Bake Appetizers are packaged in gold-foil, oven-ready containers. Easy-to-follow cooking/baking instructions are provided for each product. Sauces, for products that include them, are packaged separately and can be applied before baking or served as dipping sauces.

If you wish to order more than one variety of meat, you must order each choice separately. To do so, please click the back button to return to this page after adding each filling order to the cart.

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How Much Should I Order?
Appetizers served before a meal 2 to 3 apps per person, per hour At least 4 varieties
Appetizers served as a meal 12 to 16 total per person or 6 to 8 apps per person, per hour At least 6 varieties