Dairy is Responsibly Produced

The U.S. dairy industry is working to become carbon neutral or better by 2050. These efforts also include reducing water usage and optimizing use of manure and nutrients to improve water quality.

Dairy Is Nutrient Rich

Dairy foods provide a powerful nutrient package. Vitamin A, vitamin D and protein are essential for a healthy immune function and are found in dairy.

[Photo: Yogurt, cheese, milk and butter on a counter surface.]

Dairy Is Locally Sourced

It takes about 48 hours for milk to reach the store from its local dairy farm. That's fast (and fresh) food! Follow along with Reshaunda Thornton, RD as she visits with Rick Scheer, a fourth-generation Missouri dairy farmer.

Dairy Delivers Real Enjoyment

Families need simple, nourishing meals to enjoy around the table, and less time spent on dirty dishes. Try Honest Grub Honest Foodie’s delicious one pot (Insta!) recipe made with three dairy ingredients.