Fun Tips for Creating Your Charcuterie Spread!

Cheese: Start from mild to wild with a variety of complementary soft, creamy, funky and hard cheeses. | Meat: Add sliced or cured meats, including local Italian delicacies. | Explore the Dierbergs Cheese Island and ask our Cheesemonger for suggestions. | Color & Crunch: Play to all the senses with colorful fruits and veggies plus crisp crackers and nuts for a textured bite. | Tangy: Pickled vegetables, olives, cornichons and tangy mustards pair well with spicy meats. | Sweet: Add jams, chutneys, honey and chocolate to complement creamy cheeses and mild salami. | The possibilities are absolutely endless. Add your favorite wine or beer and enjoy! Find your perfect pairing: [CLICK TO GET INSPIRED]