Mercy and Dierbergs Pharmacy
For more than a century, Dierbergs Markets and Mercy have served the people of the St. Louis area. Now, for the first time, we are working together to serve the region. We are announcing an agreement for Mercy to acquire all 22 of Dierbergs’ traditional and specialty pharmacies and continue to operate the pharmacies in their current locations. For more details, please see the complete announcement.

“Mercy’s expertise in delivering exceptional healthcare will allow customers to continue benefiting from outstanding pharmacy services from the teams you recognize. As the transition progresses, our two organizations will be collaborating to provide a seamless customer experience.” - Greg Dierberg, CEO and President


  1. Will all locations remain open?

    Yes. Mercy will operate all 22 current Dierbergs pharmacies. These added locations will bring Mercy pharmacy services closer to home for our patients while continuing to provide the exceptional quality and service Dierbergs’ customers have come to expect.

  2. What does this mean for the pharmacy in my local Dierbergs?

    While the name will be changing, customers won’t see any change in the exceptional quality and service they have come to expect from the pharmacies in Dierbergs.

  3. Will the same pharmacists be there to fill my prescriptions?

    In nearly all cases, the same caring pharmacists and technicians will continue to serve customers at Mercy Pharmacy locations in Dierbergs after this transition.

  4. When will this transition take place?

    Dierbergs and Mercy are working toward completing the transition this spring, pending approvals.

  5. Will my insurance still be accepted with the change to Mercy Pharmacy?

    We anticipate that all health plans currently accepted at Dierbergs pharmacies will continue to be in-network after Mercy begins to operate these locations.

  6. What do I have to do to transfer my prescriptions to Mercy?

    Dierbergs pharmacies will continue to operate exactly as they do today until the transition occurs in early spring. Once that occurs, you will see some visible changes like the name changing, but all prescriptions and customer information will be seamlessly transitioned.

  7. My physician is part of (a non-Mercy health system). Can they continue to send my prescriptions to this location when it becomes a Mercy Pharmacy?

    Yes, Mercy Pharmacies receive prescriptions from virtually all providers.