Find huge savings at Dierbergs Pharmacy!
New customers can receive up to $50 in Dierbergs gift cards, plus we always offer $4 and $10 generics to help you save even more.


New Customer FAQ

How does the Pharmacy New Customer Reward work?
This is for new Pharmacy customers only. When you fill your 1st prescription, you will receive a $10 Dierbergs gift card from the pharmacist at pick-up. After you fill 4 more prescriptions (for a total of 5 prescriptions), you will receive a $40 Dierbergs gift card when you pick up your 5th prescription. You can fill 1 prescription at a time or 5 prescriptions at once! If you fill 5 prescriptions at once, you will receive the full $50 gift card. Please note, flu shots also qualify as a ‘fill’ so if you get 4 prescriptions filled + one flu shot, that will equal a total of 5 fills to get you the full $50 reward!

How do I know if I qualify as a new Pharmacy customer?
If you haven't filled a prescription or received an immunization at a Dierbergs Pharmacy within the last 24 months, then you are a considered a new customer. We have customer records, so if you are unsure if you have used Dierbergs Pharmacy before, give us a call or stop by and ask the Pharmacist. We are happy to help you out!

How do I transfer my prescriptions to Dierbergs Pharmacy?
We like to make things quick and easy for our customers! To transfer your prescriptions, you can fill out an online form here. You can also call your local Dierbergs Pharmacy and give us your information, and we will handle transferring your prescriptions for you!

Is the Pharmacy New Customer Reward for every new individual or is it given out as one per household?
Each new customer is eligible for the full $50 reward after filling 5 prescriptions. We reward the individual and do not limit it to one per household. This means that each person in your household who meets the requirements can receive the reward!

Do all prescriptions qualify for the New Customer Reward?
All prescriptions (excluding specialty prescriptions) qualify, including flu shots! Flu shots can be done at your local Dierbergs Pharmacy and are typically covered by most insurance plans (which means a $0 co-pay for you!).