We combine our popular Kids in the Kitchen classes with the fun atmosphere of a party for a unique birthday experience. Follow the links below for more information on our party themes.

All party packages include:
  • Latex balloon and special birthday cupcake for birthday child
  • Special game sheet, placemats, plates, and napkins for all participants
  • Dierbergs party invitations
  • Printed take-home recipes
  • 10-15 minutes for opening presents
  • Parent of birthday child invited to stay for party; all other parents can drop off and pick up children
  • Cleanup Time: NONE!
(Photo: Hands pressing out cookie shapes from dough.)

Petite Chef
Ages 5 to 6


(Photo: Hands making a pizza by sprinkling cheese over the sauce on the dough.)

Junior Chef
Ages 7 to 10


(Photo: Child putting onions into a bowl with other vegetables as an adult helps.)

Young Chef
Ages 11 to 14