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Ginger Gall
Ginger Gall Important Ingredients:
-Traveled to all 50 states in the USA with her family over the course of one year
-Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Fontbonne University
-Now Dierbergs Bogey Hills School of Cooking Manager

Growing up in Vermont, Ginger never wanted to be a princess or ballerina like most girls; she wanted to be the next Julia Child. From winning 4-H competitions for her cooking to catering and teaching classes in her own home, Ginger has always found a way to be involved with food.

After studying accounting at SLU, Ginger found her true calling when she saw an ad looking for a new Dierbergs Home Economist. Realizing this was the perfect job for her, Ginger went back school at Fontbonne to chase her dream.

Not to be without adventure, however, Ginger took a year off from her studies to explore the United States with her husband and three sons. While traveling from coast to coast, she discovered each region of the country had distinct foods and flavors, and she was intrigued by how deeply these foods were involved in each area’s history.

After the trip, Ginger finished her studies at Fontbonne and waited until she heard of an opening at Dierbergs, jumping at the chance to work for the School of Cooking. Using her travels as inspiration, Ginger now teaches the appropriately named Road Trip USA cooking classes, highlighting recipes for down home, regional favorites.

Ginger still loves traveling and she reads a lot of cookbooks in order to learn about the history of different recipes. Her devotion to good, regional cooking lives on, and thirteen years later, Ginger still has the Dierbergs ad that changed her life and led her to where she is today.

Ginger’s Cooking Tip: “I do a lot of research to make sure people not only take away good recipes from my classes, but also why that recipe is important to a particular part of the country.”

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Cooking Instructor
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