A Traditional Turkey Meal (Pre-Set Menu)

A Traditional Turkey Meal (Pre-Set Menu)

This meal includes a premium whole Butterball® Brand baked turkey. Reheating is required. Baking pan for this entrée is not included.

(Note: This turkey is baked at a Butterball facility and is previously frozen. It is normal that the juices in the package and the thigh/dark meat may be pinkish in color prior to reheating due to the baking process. This does not mean that the turkey is undercooked. Butterball turkeys are cooked in a USDA inspected facility to an internal safe temperature of 165 degrees.)

Our traditional dinner comes with the following:
-12-14 lb. Butterball® Roasted Turkey (Note: Reheating takes approximately 2 hours)
-Homestyle Turkey Gravy (2 lbs.)
-Homestyle Mashed Potatoes (4 lbs.)
-Traditional Bread Stuffing (4 lbs.)
-Fresh Cranberry Relish (1 lb.)
-Dinner Rolls (16 ct.)

No substitions please.

Serves 8-10

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