Eat. Live. Well. For Your Whole Life. (logo)

Eat. Live. Well. For Your Whole Life.™

Our Whole Life Department is your source for food and beverages that fit into certain dietary restrictions, preferences, or food allergy needs. Included is our Wild Harvest private label featuring products that are FREE of over a hundred undesirable ingredients.

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(Photo: Pharmacy at the Dierbergs Des Peres store.)

Dierbergs Pharmacy

For free health screenings, flu shots, prescriptions, consultations and more Dierbergs Pharmacy is here to help.

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Dierbergs Delivered Fresh (logo)

Dierbergs Delivered Fresh by Shipt

Feeling under the weather? Or just need more time in your day? Our partners at Shipt are here to help.

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Seafood Cooked Fresh (logo)

Seafood Cooked Free Program

Looking to add more seafood to your diet? Pick out your favorite and we’ll cook it for you while you shop. Try a baked option for a heart healthy meal!

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(Photo: Thai Shrimp Slice-Berg Salad on a plate.)

Dierbergs Shrimp Promise

Our seafood buyers are dedicated to ensuring all bulk shrimp and shrimp rings are all natural and chemical-free. No sodium bisulfite or sodium tripolyphosphate (chemicals commonly used in treating shrimp). Just pure, meatier shrimp without pumped additives.

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Dierbergs Bakehouse | Home-Baked Goodness

Dierbergs Bakehouse

Sometimes less is more. That’s why our Bakehouse Department is focused on removing artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, flavors and colors from our Bakehouse Breads, Buns and Rolls. Click below for more information and a list of products.

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(Photo: Dierbergs Fresh Meat department counter.)

Meat Department

Dierbergs meat department carries only Choice Angus Beef – and of that, we purchase only the top 2/3 of USDA Choice for our Signature Angus. You can count on more flavor, more tenderness, better consistency and higher quality!

(Photo: Dierbergs Deli counter with meats and cheeses.)

Signature Deli Meats

Our deli meats contain no binders, fillers or meat trimmings so you can rest assured you’re bringing home a top-notch product. Enjoy Signature Hams smoked for up to 16 hours and turkey in 12 low-fat or fat-free varieties.

Dietz & Watson (logo)

Dietz & Watson

We’re proud to offer Dietz & Watson Originals deli meats and cheeses in our Deli department. This collection features no antibiotics ever, organic deli meats and RBST-free cheeses.

(Photo: Tomatoes in the Produce Dept. in one of our stores.)

Produce Department

At Dierbergs, you’ll fine more than 100 fresh, USDA Certified Organic products, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fumigants, or synthetic fertilizers.