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Relleke Family Farm - Rob Relleke

From tomatoes to corn to watermelons, Dierbergs is partnering once again with the local farmers we've worked with for decades. Pictured above is Rob Relleke from Relleke Farms in Granite City, Illinois, who delivers homegrown corn fresh-picked to Dierbergs daily.

It's a tradition that's right for the farmer. Right for our customers. And right for Dierbergs – after all, we're a homegrown company too. It’s a simple idea that we've always felt was the right thing to do: Give locally owned family farms a chance to sell their crops locally.


Dierbergs Produce and Farms - Picked, Packed, Delivered

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Dierbergs Homegrown produce selection is unbeatable!

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Bader Farms

Homegrown Bader Farms

Campbell, Missouri

Bill Bader talks about how his 40 years of experience helps make his peaches some of the best while son Cody talks about working with his family at the farm.

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Meyer Family Farm

Homegrown Meyer Family Farm

Granite City, Illinois

Bob Meyer and his son Neil talk about what goes into their days as they raise and harvest in-husk corn on their family farm.

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Ochs Melon Co

Dierbergs Farmers - Ochs Melon Co

Perryville, Missouri

Mike Ochs talks about the company he's been running for 35 years -- and what makes a great watermelon.

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Relleke Farm

Relleke Family Farm

Granite City, Illinois

John Relleke talks about why his corn tastes better than corn shipped from other parts of the country.

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Stuckmeyer Farm

Stuckmeyer Farm

Columbia, Illinois

Mel Stuckmeyer talks about how the traditions of tomato growing on his farm make his tomatoes great.

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