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Stray Rescue Pet of the Week

February, 09, 2016

Stray Rescue Pet of the Week Ping

Hi, I'm Ping!

I am a 7-month-old little girl and was rescued from the streets of East St. Louis. I came running right up to the rescue van when it arrived! I knew good things were in store for me and good people who care about me.

I now live in a foster home with my foster mommy's forever kitty and dog. It's been a few months and while I am really enjoying indoor life, I really want a forever home of my own!

I am a very good kitty and have a lot of qualities you may be looking for in a new family member! I always greet my foster mommy at the door when she comes home and I follow her to the door to say goodbye when she leaves. I'm not super clingy though and I enjoy my own space as well. I love playing every now and then, especially with my kitty foster brother, but I am not too crazy. My favorite things to play with are toy mice, cat wands, and this magical red dot that floats around the house (I swear I will catch it one day!)

I am very affectionate with my foster mommy and I always purr as soon as she comes up to me. I love getting pets and flipping over for belly rubs! My foster mommy has been working with me on being held, and although I tolerate it now for very short periods of time, I much prefer to just be in the same room as you or lay next to you on the couch. I also prefer to sleep by myself at night (and I will not wake you up in the morning!). The couch or my foster dog brother's bed are my favorite places to sleep; however, I can often be found taking a nap in my foster mommy's bed during the day.

My perfect forever home would most likely be with adults or a family with older children, but I am open to anyone if they are right for me. As far as other pets, I would be good as an only kitty, or I may even prefer a house with another kitty since sometimes I get a bit nervous of loud noises and my foster kitty brother helps keep me calm by snuggling with me and grooming me. I am pretty apathetic about the dog, although I don't like when he gets too excited and bounces around the house. A calm/older dog would be best for me.

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