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Stray Rescue Pet of the Week

September, 01, 2015

Stray Rescue Pet of the Week Magnolia Magnolia has a face that no one can resist.  Everyone she meets wants to sit right down with her and pet her.  Super sweet Magnolia is always ready to return the affection.

Magnolia has some neurological issues that may make her a special needs dog.  Sometimes she loses her focus while on the leash.  But personality-wise, she is wonderful.  Magnolia is playful, affectionate, and loves people.  She also happens to loveshoe laces and can untie them very quickly.  Magnolia is treat-motivated and especially loves Nylabones with peanut butter on them.

Magnolia needs a special family who will love her to pieces and help her when she needs it.  A little patience on your part will reward you with a wonderful canine companion.

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