Dierbergs Community Involvement in St. Louis, MO
Like Customer Service,
Community Service is a Priority at Dierbergs

Our commitment to lending a helping hand reflects the Dierberg family’s long-held belief in giving back to friends and neighbors in our communities. Through contributions and partnerships, Dierbergs makes serving the community as much a priority as serving our customers.

We support a broad range of charitable organizations with 501(c)(3) status. Our charitable giving priorities include:
  • Hunger Relief
  • Children's Education
  • Healthy Living, Proper Nutrition & Exercise
  • Disease Prevention and Research
  • Welfare of Stray Dogs and Cats
  • Local Disaster Relief and Assistance
  • Assistance to Those Less Fortunate
If your organization is in line with our giving priorities mentioned above and you'd like to make a request, see below for details. We typically do not support the following:
  1. Non-local organizations: Our charitable donations are earmarked for organizations helping those in the local communities we serve.
  2. Individuals: All of our donations benefit individuals, but our donations go directly to the organizations.
  3. Third-parties: We prefer to partner directly with the organizations or charities that will benefit from the contribution.
  4. Scholarships: We provide scholarships to our associates through the Lindenwood Scholarship Program
  5. For-profit organizations
  6. Taxpayer-supported agencies: (ex: governmental agencies that are supported by city, state, or federal tax dollars)
  7. Golf Tournaments
  8. Conferences, Seminars, or Employee Recognition/Appreciation Events
  9. Sports teams, groups, leagues or team sponsorships
  10. Organizations that receive funding from the United Way
For those wishing to solicit for a charitable cause outside of Dierbergs stores:
  • Click here to review Dierbergs' Charitable Solicitation Policy
  • Obtain an application from the Store Director at your neighborhood Dierbergs.