Kids BEE Healthy Apple Smiles

Kids will smile while they help make this quick, nutritious snack!

Kids BEE Healthy Avocado Dagwood

This crisp, colorful, and satisfying sandwich is just the thing for a quick warm weather lunch or supper.

Kids BEE Healthy Grab and Go Breakfast Wraps

Here’s a tasty grab and go breakfast to keep kids full of energy all morning long. Add a carton of milk and head out the door.

Kids BEE Healthy Italian Quick Chick

Kids will love this quick and easy version of Chicken Parmesan!

Kids BEE Healthy Old Fashioned Raisin Cookies

This soft, chewy cookie is mildly spiced, and a favorite of kids of all ages.

Kids BEE Healthy Sugar Snap & Mango Jasmine Rice Stir-Fry

Introduce kids to stir-fry with this yummy version chock full of veggies and flavor.

Kids BEE Healthy SunButter & Honey Waffle Panini

We’ve waffle-ized this panini for breakfast like you’ve never had before. But watch out! Mom and Dad just might want one, too!

Kids BEE Healthy SunButter & Raisin Muffins

Kids will be excited to start their morning with these hearty good-for-you muffins. Add a piece of fruit and a glass of milk for a nutritious busy-morning breakfast.