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Product Recall

St. Louis, December 3, 2010 - In response to a voluntary product recall by Johnson & Johnson, Dierbergs Markets has removed the following product from its shelves because the product does not list the presence of alcohol on its front panel though it is listed in the ingredient statement:

Mylanta Regular Strength Original, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-61012
LOTS: AAF075, ABF005, ABF033, ABF068, ACF008, ACF054, ADF063, AEF024, AHF004, AHF016, AHF051, AJF026, ALF030, AMF016, AMF046, AMF047, APF064, APF074, ASF041, BAF028, BAF045, BAF049, BBF008, BCF051, BDF026, BDF045, BEF029, BEF043, BFF001, BFF020, BHF029, BHF031, BHF032, BJF017, BJF045, BJF046, BJF047, BLF025, BMF004, BMF023, SSF064, SSF078

Mylanta Original, 5 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-61055
LOTS: AAF071, AAF072, ADF048, ADF049, AFF016, AFF032, AJF038, AJF039, ASF056, BCF038, BDF046, BEF052, BFF003, BMF003, SSF053

Mylanta Maximum Strength Cherry, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-62212
LOTS: AAF022, ABF004, ABF067, ACF016, ADF011, ADF090, AEF051, AFF038, AHF003, AJF010, ALF050, APF028, BAF023, BCF010, BCF071, BCF086, BDF056, BEF054, BFF019, BFF034, BFF035, BFF042, BHF003, BJF005, BJF030, BMF005, BMF024, SPF066, SSF017, SSF051, SSF073

Mylanta Maximum Strength Mint, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-62412-7
LOTS: AAF091, ABF081, ACF039, ADF062, AEF030, AFF031, AHF015, ALF027, AMF033, APF063, BAF046, BCF035, BDF030, BEF028, BEF056, BFF018, BHF004, BJF018, BJF040, BJF041, BLF016, SPF067, SSF016

Mylanta Maximum Strength Original, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-65212-0
LOTS: AAF073, AAF092, ACF007, ACF038, ACF059, ADF050, AEF025, AEF055, AEF060, AHF005, AHF044, AJF007, ALF049, APF076, ASF039, BAF009, BBF003, BCF036, BCF085, BDF034, BDF057, BEF031, BFF016, BHF011, BHF012, BHF027, BHF039, BJF011, BJF031, BLF001, BLF017, BMF018, BMF025, SSF014, SSF062, SSF075

Mylanta Maximum Strength Original, 24 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-65224-3
LOTS: AAF018, AAF023, ABF034, ABF066, ACF021, ACF027, ADF024, AHF035, AHF037, AJF025, ALF028, AMF039, ASF054, BAF014, BBF029, BCF084, BEF011, BEF023,BFF017, BHF006, BJF037

Mylanta Ultimate Strength Mint, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-64312-8
LOTS: AJF008, ASF017, BDF017, BDF017A

Mylanta Ultimate Strength Cherry, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-64412-5
LOTS: ABF078, ADF013, ADF093, AFF015, AHF043, AJF006, AJF006A, ALF004, AMF026, APF031, ASF055, BBF014, BBF014A, BDF001, BDF055, BEF030, BHF024, BJF006, BJF019, BLF002, SPF024

Mylanta Supreme Tasting with Calcium Cherry, 12 fl oz
UPC#: 7-16837-82512-8
LOTS: ACF040, AEF029, AHF045, ALF051, ASF040, BBF015, BEF026, BHF001, BJF032, SPF068

Customers may return the affected product to any Dierbergs for a full refund.

Consumers with further questions can call Johnson & Johnson's Consumer Care Center at 1-800-469-5268 Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET, Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET and Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.

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